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Combined plasma cutting and punching from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies

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Sheetmetal machinery specialist Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST) has given fabricators in Australia and New Zealand an efficient new technology that combines plasma cutting and punching in the one unit, yet is affordable.

The Imac Plasmaform – for which AST has exclusive distribution rights in Australia and New Zealand - has been devised for the customers who need a flexible and cheap dual purpose machine.

Plasma cutting provides a means to cut complex geometric figures and irregular shapes. A high reliability, accuracy and flexibility and reasonable dimensioning are the main features of this machine.

The combined Plasma-Punching machine is suitable for OEMs that need to shape and cut material of high thicknesses, or those which often work stainless steel.

Often, step marks with a punching machine may not be desirable. This is where the plasma cutting function is better because of modern power supplies it can achieve a quality similar to a laser at a lower capital outlay.

The combined machine is equipped with the most qualified technology that can be obtained on the market.

Plasmaform is equipped with Fanuc CNC (used by producers of machines for working metal sheet) and with a hydraulic group H+L (VOITH) that guarantees high reliability and good performances. The Plasma source fitted on the machine can be chosen according to the customer’s needs.

Imac has amassed much experience in working both iron and stainless steel on different thicknesses. The company has fitted all kind of generators from Hypertherm to Kjellberg and Thermal Dynamic.

The plasma can be combined with different types of punching machines according to the working table (750x1500; 1000x2000; 1250x2000 and 1500x2000 mm) and to the different tools starting from the single punch, Trumpf, Amada or Rainer type, to the different Multitools (at 4, 6, 10 or 11 tools) and according also to the working frequency (300, 450 or 700 stroke per minute).

Users can work a big variety of thicknesses and materials at 300kN punching power. The combined machine can cut up to 15mm of thickness in high or low definition and that the 30 tons punching machine in single punch can pierce different diameters on the same thickness.

Index station can perform a 360° one-way rotation, with 0.01° accuracy. This allows a material reduction in manufacturing times, a decrease in the number of tools employed, the possibility of making any kind of shaped punching with standard tools, and a quick replacement of tools.

Plasmaform is a machine which has been devised primarily for the modern fabricator and its needs: big productivity, high efficiency and versatility, maximum accuracy and a reasonable price.

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