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CNC punching machine with fast tool change

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ADVANCED Sheetmetal Technologies has released a range of CNC punching machines from Tecnology Italiana that allow tool changes in just three seconds.

The Tecnotransfer 15 SR has 15 punching magazines with bi-directional research, 15 tools which can be rotated from 0° to 360° on the C axes, and an estimated 3-1/2 minutes time for the complete equipping of the machine.

With a C-shaped frame, the unit maintains stability and stiffness in order to obtain an optimum precision. Plate references for both axes located on a single bar in order to allow a precise zero setting and the loading of the metal sheet anywhere along the working range.

A front tipping table equipped with a depressor for the releasing of the single workpiece or the scrap obtained from multiple machining.

Its CNC Tecnocontrol GE Fanuc 160-PC with MS Windows graphic interface is simple to use. It allows simultaneous management of seven absolute axes, is touchscreen operated, has a multitask function that allows programming even during the working phase, and permits the entering of data from network, floppy disk and CD Rom.

Optional JETCAM Expert programming software has four different configurations. Standard automatic functions include: automatic tool positioning, automatic Nesting, complete simulation and automatic repositioning. It is also possible to install a CAD 3D software to design and develop the working of the metal sheet.


Four different sets of tool holders: series 15, series 40, series 70 and series 100 allow a user to exploit to the outmost the metal sheet and consequently work on its entire area. The nibbling tool has a continuous lubrication system. By using a customer's drawings, special tools can be made on request.

Particularly for thicker material, special shear tools (whisper tool) exert a cut similar to shearing, but with less stress, less power and less noise, without affecting performance. A large connection surface and a stable fixing system allow a better precision during the cutting. Tools are compatible with all Tecnology Italiana's punching machines, and compensation for reground tools is up to 5mm.

Multitool system

Under the multitool system, it is possible to house n. 5 series 15 standard tools of any shape and the machine can be equipped with up to 75 tools from series 15. By using the proper locating notches, it is possible to rotate the tool at 0°, 45° and 90°. Magazine change is automatic.

Machining from 0.1mm to 6.5mm

Tecnotransfer 15 S.R can machine up to 6.5mm of thickness. It allows repositioning to work on sheet sizes larger than the operation range on the X axis and facilitates work on sheet edges, bars and plane surfaces on all types of blanks from copper to stainless steel material. It is also possible to make any kind of buckling (finning, drawing) and vary the tool penetration during the machining.

A special configuration of the clamps allows the punching of pre-filled components (even on all four sides). This same clamp arrangement allows for the punching of L and U shaped sections.

Working centre

Tecnotransfer 15 S.R is one of the basic units which form the Tecnology Working Centre. The three principal elements are: Tecnotransfer (working centre for punching), Tecnocarrier (loading/unloading system), Ercole 3000 (automatic storing centre).

There is also major scope for integration with other equipment (angle shear, laser cutting machine, bending machine, etc).

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