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ROUND the clock operation in the sheet metal working industry has become as affordable for SMEs as it is for multinationals due to modular technology developed by FINN-POWER.

Available from Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies , FINN-POWER's Night Train FMS integrates cells of right angle shears, laser cutters, turret punch/presses and bending units to form a seamless system able to carry out a full shift overnight, virtually unmanned.

Sheet metal working companies can operate with full staff on a day shift which would set up materials before leaving and program the Night Train FMS to operate automatically and effectively keep the production line working around the clock without spiralling wage bills.

The cells can load, scrap, remove, sort and stack. The overall system can load and stack sheets, look after component stack buffering, provide cell to cell transfer, and remove bent components.

Night Train FMS performs much of the factory manual handling, protecting workers from injury.

The systems provides efficiency in work stage management. It offers sophisticated programming and control systems, modern machine tools, flexible automation, and can be customised to suit specific requirements.

Night Train FMS can comprise any number of the following FINN-POWER components in any combination/s, according to individual requirements: Shear Genius, Shear Brilliance, LP6, LPE5, FPL, FPB (FINN-POWER press brake) and automated bending cell EB.

Shear Genius is an integrated punching/shearing cell for flexible manufacturing of sheet metal components and some Night Train configurations operating with five Shear Genius cells handling sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm.

Shear Brilliance shearing solution operates on linear motors and can achieve a high positioning speed. The system’s X traverse is 6400mm to allow punching, forming, tapping, bar coding and shearing to be performed on a single machine and without reclamping. Up to 200 tools can be simultaneously housed in the system through its multi-tools 30 station turret.

LP6 combines high performance hydraulic punching with up to 2.5kW integrated laser cutting. LP6 can handle sheet size maximums of 3000mm x 1500mm and has options including integrated upforming and tapping for increased versatility.

LPE5 is a servo electric multi-function performance centre that provides 20kN punching, a six-station tapping unit, versatile forming and a bending capacity in a single, compact machine tool. The unit is integrated with a laser cutting machine (Rofin-Sinar's Triagon or Rofin-Sinar DC025), providing a multi purpose cell up to 2.5kW cutting efficiency.

FPL is a 3.5kW flying optics laser with a linear motor drive for cutting head positioning. Its maximum positioning speed is 300m/min simultaneously, and acceleration exceeds 2G. FINN_POWER FPL has a working area of 3000mm on the X axis, 1500mm Y axis, and 100mm on the Z axis.

The FINN-POWER press brake (FPB) line is now available with Delem controls and requires only a standard industrial robot to integrate with the Night Train system. It has a 6-axis back gauge construction and can precisely bend sheet metal round the clock. The unit has rapid ram approaching speed and back gauge speed.

Using programmable safety logic, FPB has flat component dimensions up to 1250mm x 2500mm. Models are available for 50t to 160t and working lengths from 2550mm to 4100mm. Maximum sheet weight is 65kg, so even cases requiring two operators can be handled.

Automated bending cell EB is normally instituted at the final work stage in a Night Train FMS system, the EB is a suitable alternative to the common press brake cell especially when handling large panels. Maximum bending length is 1650mm to 3250mm and maximum material thickness is 3mm.

Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies provides local support and FINN-POWER engineers can monitor an installation by live video over an internet link for extra support.

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