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Sheetmetal machinery specialist Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies (AST) is directly servicing the huge pool of small operators that perform ducting manufacture and installation with specific, high quality machines.

The company's alliance with the Prinzing brand ensures that suppliers and fitters of metal ducting can access these machines which give a high return on investment through long lifespan and high accuracy production.

They are high-quality, rolling machines, seam closing equipment, circle shears, tube flangers, beading machines, small hand brakes and guillotines, bending machines and rounding machines.

Where required, Prinzing machines can be customised to perfectly suit the end user.

According to AST, many operators in this field operate solo or with few personnel assisting, so to invest in any type of machinery is always viewed as significant capital expenditure.

What AST is set out to achieve with Prinzing equipment is to give the smaller player and one-man band a high level of automation equipment from an affordable, start-up investment.

AST has studied the market for some time now, and are definite that there are so many operators, small operators in this sector that need to be serviced, particularly as their installation work can be quite high volume and demand exact tolerances of finished product.

Much of the equipment is software driven so achieving the exactness demanded is normally trouble-free.

Prinzing is proven equipment in this sector and allows its users to perform just about any process expected in the duct forming exercise.

An added advantage is that much of this machinery is so compact and relatively lightweight that in given circumstances it can be transported on site to be used even more efficiently during installation.

Beading and flanging machines for instance are supplied in several groups of models and can perform a variety of functions including beating, flanging, seaming and crimping.

Models, SM50, S. M. and 63, SME50, SME63:

This group of machines has a modern construction with shafts in precision bearings and allows a quick set-up and positive adjustment of the upper shaft.

Allowing a quick adjustment of the backplate on the lower roll pipe, each of these machines and its base can be dismantled for transportation easily, and the machine is simple to operate with speed control and foot pedal.

Accessories include nine standard pairs of rolls hardened and ground (V2, V4 and V6 wiring rolls, S6 beating rolls, BC flanging rolls, F6 necking rolls, BB flanging rolls, SK5 box beading rolls, E20 crimping rolls), a storage holder for rolls, key for mounting rolls, a large backplate which is parted and hardened, a machine stand, connection cable, variable adjustable speed with control for slow speed, right/left direction control, and packing.

Models SME 80, SMP 100, SME 125

These vertical beading machines can be designed, sized and operated according to user requirements.

Possibilities range from manual roller setting to motorised roll in setting, with operation by push button colour foot switch or touchscreen.

These machines are of welded steel construction and have a cylindrical unloading of the under shaft. Drive of the rollers is operated by a double foot switch for clockwise and anti clockwise running.

Shafts are hardened and ground. Easy axial adjustment of the lower roller is performed by hand wheel. Feed for the upper roller is also performed by hand wheel. Control is included in a separately fitted control cubicle.

Special accessories are also available:

A parallel feed of the upper roller can be performed with working shaft mounted in roller bearings. An infinitely variable motor is controlled by foot switch, speed limiter and hand reversing switch for clockwise and anticlockwise running.

Hydraulic feed of the upper roll is by time control program semi-automatic by means of simple foot switch and hand reversing switch. Motorised feed of the upper roller is done with distance measurement.

Pneumatic feed of the upper roller is available with end stop. It is also possible to obtain a fully automatic control with program memory and operation by touchscreen.

Also available are a pipe holding device, tensioning strap, hardened shape rollers, hand-operated central lubrication and divided stop.

Models SMP 160, SME 200:

These vertical crimping machines have a program that runs fully automatically. The machines are operated by touchscreen and foot switch.

The feed roller can be accurately position by the motorised setting by means of an impulse generator. These machines can also be supplied with hydraulic roller feed and semi-automatic operation.

Design features include a parallel feed of the upper roller with working shaft mounted roller bearings, a welded steel construction, cylindrical unloading of the under shaft, and drive of the rollers by double foot switch for clockwise and anticlockwise performance.

Shafts are hardened and ground, easy axial adjustment of the lower roller is made by hand wheel, and feed for the upper roller is also by handwheel. A separately fitted control cubicle is available.

Standard accessories include a hydraulic feed for the upper roller with fast and creep speed, hardened stop and screwed on plate, stable underframe (electrical safety control), connection voltage 400 V/50 Hz/3, a two storage gearbox, brake motor and roller a key.

Prinzing rounding machines include the following:

RM 20 – RM 100 three roll bending machine:

These have an asymmetrical roller arrangement (roller tensile strength 700 N/mm2) with an upper roller that can be swung out forwards by quick release.

A right upper roller lock bearing is provided with a hardened running bush, and all gear wheels are arranged on the left and therefore provide easy removal of the tubes.

Conical wrapping of sheets is achieved by inclination of the rear roller, while the machine achieves rapid setting of a lower roller.

Worm adjustment of the rear roller is possible with a mechanical digital display. A usable length of 1030 mm rollers can be turned spherically.

Special accessories include a gear wheel put in (RM 42 inclusive), underframe (RM 60 inclusive), fold slots, wire inlay grooves, hardened rollers and side stop for conical wrapping.

RME 20 - RME 120 roll bending machine:

The design features are as for the RM 20 -RM 100 but with special accessories for this roll bending machine.

There is a pole changing motor for two speeds, three roller drive, folding groove in the upper roller, wire inlay grooves, hardened rollers, hardened and tempered rollers, ground rollers, rubberised rollers and a side stop for conical wrapping.

The pneumatic bending device has four rollers; there is a support table and program sequence, and a motorised feed of the lower roller.

Standard accessories include a single stage transmission brake motor, double foot switch for forward and reverse running, switching cubicle with safety control, conical wrapping device and underframe.

RAE 42 – RAE 100 four roller automatic rounding machine:

This unit is driven by an infinitely variable controlled brake motor and has a pneumatically operated flap bearing, pneumatically operated lower roller in feed, high strength bending roller and supporting with stop for sheets up to 500 mm wide (tube 160 mm diameter).

A control table has NC control and is operated by touchscreen for setting up and automatic operation.

Program memory has 99 programs, there are 30 bending steps per program, an alphanumeric program input, programmable fast and creep speed, and a step display for setting up an automatic operation.

All programs are write protected, while the program is programmable from an external PC.

RAE automatic rounding machine with robot:

This unit integrates a robot blank loader and roll formed tube unloading. It has an articulate robot arm to provide proven material handling reliability and integrated programming for all RAE tube roll performing models.

It has quick and flexible part handling features set-up used for effective blank and roll formed tube handling.

When roll formed tube is unloaded, it is placed in a buffer area.

Articulated blank and tube handling solutions are provided for tube diameters ranging from 60mm to 500mm and maximum part weight of 30 kg.

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