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Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies introduces Teda Speedy pressbrakes

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For sheetmetal fabricators that require bending of small pieces, Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies has introduced Teda Speedy compact family of pressbrakes.

Emergence of these machines onto the Australia and New Zealand markets gives fabricators a means to make fast, multiple bends on small pieces without tying up large press brakes for this function.

Physically small yet able to do sophisticated bends, Teda Speedy Compacts have an easy-to-use control system for fast and simplified production. Teda Speedy pressbrakes so simple to use that anybody in a factory could operate a unit without any special technical skills.

On top of high safety levels and economic efficiency, also gained is an energy advantage because small jobs no longer need to tie up a large press brake that requires higher operating power.

Speedy compact has two versions:

Speedy compact simple 16.5 CNC, which is equipped with a two axes TEDA numerical control (X, Y) R AXIS manual or with PIEFFE pneumatic cylinder (three axes)

Speedy compact manual 16.5, with three axes (X, Y, R) driven with suitable hand wheels.

The upper beam has a special shape which allows the execution of U channels. Speedy compact bending machines do not need any foundation.

The operating speed (approaching speed as well as bending speed) is 10mm per second, eliminating the need for expensive guarding systems.

Close inspection of its hydraulic circuit has seen the machines developed to make the bending cycle extremely fast, therefore annulling all the change speed, slackening times and other parts of the process that are present on traditional press brakes.

Teda CNC is a simple concept and intuitive that has all the required features including piece counter, punches and dies library, external memory, auto-teaching and other features.

Bending angles can be acquired in two ways: by NC (automatic angle calculation) or by auto-teaching a system for the numerical depth of the tool.

Reduced dimensions have allowed the elimination of lateral protections as the whole length of the machine is always placed inside the operator's view.

Without lateral obstacles, the more complex pieces can be shifted and manipulated with absolute freedom.

The Teda Speedy compact 16.5 can be equipped with several options including pneumatic front support with two positions to simplify manipulation of small pieces; and quick tools change ATC for punches and dies for any solutions required.

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