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Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies develops a series of swing beam folding machines

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Sheet metal machinery specialist, Advanced Sheetmetal Technologies has brought to Australia and New Zealand a series of swing beam folding machines specifically developed to work quickly, efficiently and accurately on heavy gauge materials.

Panel folding technology has traditionally been limited to light gauge materials. However, with advances in hydraulic transmission technology, the working capacity of the Schroeder Fasti has changed the landscape for fabricators using thick sheets.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Schroeder Fasti embodies a range of machines capable of bending sheets of steel plate up to three meters x 16mm gauge, four metres x 10mm gauge, and five metres x 6mm gauge.

The main benefit of the Fasti process over a traditional pressbrake is that the plate remains in a flat position during the bending sequence.

The folding machines does not require dual operators and complicated rigging and lifting equipment necessary to perform a bend safely.

Corners and other aspects of the bend can be made stronger, so the fabricator can use thinner materials to achieve the same objective that would take thicker gauge sheets using other equipment.

In general, faster working speeds, fine precision repeatability and greater accuracy are achieved with the Schroeder Fasti.

Investment in tooling is reduced dramatically because of the flexibility of the tooling and bending process.

This swing beam folding machine can bend thin and thick material with one universal toolset capable of a 2135 kN clamping pressure for squashing operations. It is through the general easy handling of work pieces, these machines provide a high level of productivity.

There is a great flexibility and variability through innovative accessories including the tooling system WZS 2000 in the upper and lower clamping beams, WZS 1000 in the folding beam, motorised setting of a lower and folding beam, seven acts as CNC control and various other intelligent options including crowning system, CNC control options, back gauge systems and tooling accessories.

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