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Toggle locators from Maxiloc Tooling

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Now available from Maxiloc Tooling , toggle locators are used to support and clamp workpieces when irregular shapes and or surfaces present positive engagement challenges.

Typically, a casting presents a situation where safe clamping is difficult to achieve due to irregular and unreliable surfaces. Toggle locators overcome this problem by rotating to the correct angle of engagement.

Additionally, toggle locators (also known as grippers) are available in serrated surfaces to further enhance the positive holding force.

Toggle locators from Maxiloc Tooling can swivel up to 20º meaning high load forces can easily be achieved without the need for accurate alignment. For exchangeable insert models, a built in o-ring keeps dirt and foreign objects out, which in turn guarantees reliable operation.

In addition, these toggle locators serve as stops, supports and thrust pads in fixture and tool shops.

Inserts for these clamping devices are available in high grade steel, carbide and delrin.

Maxiloc Tooling stock a wide range of toggle locators in a variety of styles and sizes depending on the application required.

Maxiloc Tooling's toggle locators are manufactured by Kipp (Germany) and Leave Industrial Co. (Taiwan).

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