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AMF Pneumatic Toggle Clamps by Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd

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Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd  supplies AMF pneumatic toggle clamps that offer definite advantages over manual models.  

AMF is a world-leading manufacturer of pneumatic toggle clamps and also offers a large range of accessory components.  

Key benefits of these pneumatic toggle clamps include:  

  • Relieve the operator of strenuous clamping movement
  • Multiple clamps can be used simultaneously
  • A number of clamps can be operated with different sequences
  • One or more clamps can be controlled from the machine panel
  • One or more clamps can be operated from different positions

Advantages of the toggle action:

  • In the event of air failure, the clamp stays locked
  • Low air consumption with maximum leverage
  • Large opening angle, clearing the workpiece for easy removal
  • Assures maximum power to movement ratio

Clamping and holding forces:  

The selection of the correct clamp is very important. To help select the correct size of the pneumatic clamp, apart from the holding force, the possible clamping force at 6 bar air pressure is indicated in the tables available from the Maxiloc website.  

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