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Maxell Consulting to conduct workshop on business sale value

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Maxell Consulting  are to conduct a free workshop on how to value one’s own business, what buyers will be looking for and how to prepare their business for sale. The workshop will be held on Thursday 18th September, 2008.

Knowing one’s business’ worth is crucial in being prepared for future exit strategies. Whether one is thinking of selling their business, passing it on to their children or allowing their management to buy them out, one needs to know the value they have created as the critical first step in any exit strategy.

Valuing a business does not have to be difficult, as long as one knows what creates value and what the brokers and accountants mean when they talk about multiples, DCF and earn outs. Arming with information allows one to control the process of getting the most value from their business. Even for those who are not considering selling their business now, knowing how to increase its value will help them in the future.

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