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Maxell Consulting develops Creative Impact workshop to improve business

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Still struggling with the same business issues as last year? Sales stagnant or falling? Need new ideas for products and services or solve your existing problems? 

Using creative processes everyone can come up with new ideas. But when faced with the daily grind of business, being creative is the last thing on your mind. And yet it could be the start of new ideas that open doors in your business you have never seen. Creativity is often killed by being too focused in the business rather than on it. 

That is where it is important to use structured processes and systems for generating new ideas to redefine your business or just solve the problems you have always struggled with. You need to break out of your existing paradigms and challenge your assumptions to create new ideas. New ideas can include new products or services to release, ideas for expansions, new ways of cutting costs or better ways of servicing your customers. 

Being creative is not just reserved for the artistic people, nor is it about fantastic brainstorming either. Anyone can sit down and come up with a list of ideas, but often these ideas are limited by the existing experiences and assumptions people have about their business. So the ideas end up being previous ideas reborn – and rarely can your staff get excited about things that have been done before. 

This is where using techniques and processes for thinking helps any team to kick-start the business and generate new ideas. In some cases old ideas are given new ways of working – and then they can become successful business strategies. 

One technique that has been used with enormous success by Maxell Consulting has been a process called “Opportunity Search”. Opportunity Search is a powerful process that uses your staff to feed off each other and generate a long list of ideas. Some ideas will be a bit too outrageous or will not fit the business – but from a list of 40-60 ideas at least one or two will be sure to increase sales and profits or cut your costs. The more staff you involve the greater the number of ideas that are generated. 

Maxell Consulting has developed the Creative Impact workshop which shows you tools and techniques to solve the problems you struggle with in your business now and spend time identifying ways your business can improve its perormance - creatively. 

More than five hours with you and your staff, we teach you six techniques and tools to help you generate new ideas for your business. We come to your business and work on your real business issues and help you identify new ways to generate sales, cut costs, increase capacity and solve problems.

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