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SLIPS, trips and falls are the most common causes of non-fatal injuries in the workplace, accounting for 18% of all workcover claims, and yet they are the easiest to prevent by using quality safety mats.

Matworks is at the forefront of assisting companies with the correct choice of workplace health and safety matting and has a vast array of safety mats to suit any workplace environment.

Safety mats have a considerable impact on reducing slips, trips and falls and there is a safety mat to fit all situations such as kitchens, food processing plants, laundries, outdoor locations, entrance foyers, toilets, showers, etc.

In particularly wet areas safety mats that provide holes for the water to drain off the surface are very effective.

Grease proof anti-microbial safety mats are a very important safety element to busy kitchens where flooring is subject to excessive fat and oil spillage. In these situations ,whilst regular cleaning of the safety mats is required, there is a considerable overall saving in cleaning time because the floors are protected by the Safety Mats that absorb most of the grime.

Floor surfaces which may be damaged, uneven or slippery are prime areas where safety mats are required.

Slip resistance and safety should be the prime factor in selecting the appropriate mat. There are varying degrees of traction rating in safety mats even to the point where some grit-surfaced matting retains its non-slip ability when completely submersed under water.

Safety mats with cleated anti-slip rubber backing and a polypropylene "carpet" surface can provide both functionality and appearance in areas where presentation is important.

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