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Static Dissipative mats available from Matworks

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What Static Dissipative mats do:

When static builds up on a person’s body and they touch another object the static charge is passed on. This static transfer is called Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and it can be harmful to sensitive equipment.

A mat with Static Dissipative properties ensures those static charges will be eliminated when they come in contact with the mat. When someone steps on or touches a conductive or Static Dissipative mat, the static discharge is drained off.

Static Dissipative mats are safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment since they allow the charge to be conducted away from the persons body rather than allowing the charge to be discharged to the equipment.

Specially designed electrically conductive mats also come with a snap lock earthing cord.

The lower the OHM reading (OHM = the measure of resistance) the more conductive the material.

Anti-static 1 x 109 ohms to 1 x 1011 ohms

Static dissipative 1 x 106 ohms to 1 x109 ohms

Electrically conductive 1 x 103 ohms to 1 x 106 ohms

Note: Static Dissipative mats are not designed to protect workers from high voltage electric charges. Non conductive mats to insulate against high electrical voltage are a specialised product.

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