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Personal anti-fatigue insoles from Matworks

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Ideally there should be anti-fatigue mats anywhere staffs are standing for extended time on hard cold floors.

However there are situations where stationary anti-fatigue mats are just not practical.

Take for example situations where staffs are constantly moving around a factory, production line or warehouse.

These situations are particularly common with supervisory staffs that have the role of overseeing multi functional areas within the factory premises. It is simply impossible to have stationary anti-fatigue mats in these cases.

So the question is how can one provide the anti-fatigue comfort and muscle relief for staff employed in those situations?

The solution is a Personal Anti-Fatigue Insoles. (PAMS)

There is a range of revolutionary designed insoles that provide extraordinary foot comfort for any type of footwear.

Designed by NASA in the USA these megacomfort dual layered memory insoles are made from a three layer construction that provides unparallel anti-fatigue for those on the move.

PAMS available from Matworks provide a cost effective alternative for the selective relocation and or replacement of standard anti-fatigue floor matting.

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