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There are a multitude of Non Slip Matting solutions to potentially hazardous areas from grease proof, anti- microbial matting for kitchens and factories to entrance doors. Matworks is at the forefront of assisting companies with the correct choice of workplace health and safety matting and has a vast array of non slip matting to suit any workplace environment.

In areas subjected to chemicals etc. careful consideration needs to be made to what type of chemicals, acids and grease spills the flooring is likely to be subjected to so the best Non Slip Matting can be specified.

For instance the best resistant Non Slip Matting for Animal Fats, Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil, Hexane, Transmission Oil and Vegetable Oil is a Nitrile rubber mat because it provides varying degrees of resistance to those type of substances. Nitrile rubber Non Slip Matting has the added advantage that it can be easily cleaned and even laundered.

In food preparation areas make sure that the Non-Slip Matting has been endorsed in accordance with the standards of HACCP Australian Safety Accreditation Systems

Generally, natural rubber Non Slip Matting products have a limited resistance to chemicals.

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