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Matworks on entrance mats

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Matworks has suggested the ideal four things an entrance mat must do.

Today’s emphasis on green cleaning and the impact of cleanliness of a building on health makes soil management even more important.

Experts are recommending 10 -12 feet of quality matting products at entrances as part of a green cleaning program.

Scraper mats should always be used with other entrance mats to provide wiping properties to remove fine soil and water from the feet.

The four things an entrance mat must do:

  • Stop soil and water at the door: Effective mats provide a combination of scraping and wiping.
  • Store soil and water for removal: The mat needs to provide a way for soil and water to be contained, so they cannot spread to the surrounding floor. Entrance mats with flat borders do not provide the ideal containment. Higher performance mats provide a dam that will hold the soil and water for removal during cleaning.
  • Minimise tracking of soil and water: The ideal is a mat construction that has an bi–level construction that provides an upper surface for walking and a lower, where soil and water are stored. Low performance mats with just a cut pile will not hold up under foot pressure and will crush, thus allowing water and dirt to reattach to shoes and be tracked inside.
  • Provide a safe surface: The bottom of the entrance mat should be slip resistant. Rubber based mats provide a better slip resistance than vinyl mats. Some mats have cleaned surface on the bottom that further enhances non–skid properties and allows moisture to dry from underneath the mat.

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