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Matworks launches new anti-fatigue mat

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Whilst it may seem a cheaper alternative to have an individual anti-fatigue mat at each workstation there are very good reasons to pay the extra and have one continual length of anti-fatigue mat to cover the whole area. 

Many slip and trip accidents are caused by moving from one surface to another. If there is one continual anti-fatigue mat there is no transitional problems when staff move up and down the bench, packing area, dispatch etc. 

Apart from the safety aspects larger continual length anti-fatigue mats give you more flexibility in terms of mat location. You can always cut down a mat to suit but you can’t just add an extra piece on without creating a potential trip hazard at the join. 

In the majority of situations a 900mm wide anti-fatigue mat will suit most needs however if there is any doubt at all then you should always opt for a 1200mm wide anti-fatigue mat. Once again there is no sense in creating a small strip of anti-fatigue matting which may actually restrict an employee’s area of operation to what is actually needed to carry out his/her job function effectively.  

Like any floor covering, the larger the continual length of anti-fatigue matting is the more stable and secure the mat will be on the floor surface thus reducing the mat’s “creep” effect.  

With continual lengths there is an even greater need to have an anti-fatigue mat with a yellow safety edging so there is a pronounced alert awareness to any employee working in the area.





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