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Hygiene mats for the food processing industry

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Matworks is offering hygiene mats for the food processing industry. The new hygiene mats, specifically made for the restaurant and food processing industry, not only has unique anti-microbial properties, but is also safe under foot.
For hygiene reasons, these anti-bacterial nitrile rubber mats have been designed to withstand many of the various solutions used in a wide variety of food processing environments, such as fish and vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus etc.
Microbial growth such as mould, fungi and yeast are often the cause of health risks to personnel and structural damage to building. Mould requires moisture and humidity to exist, so appropriate cleaning and drying is a key hygiene safeguard. Some of the A grade food processing mats provide the hygiene answer to many of those problems. 
The hygiene porthole design of these A grade mats simplify cleaning and eliminate areas, where food and bacteria collect.
Provided the matting is easy to pick up for cleaning, then there should be no reason, why floor hygiene cannot be maintained.

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