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Anti-fatigue mat for operating theatres

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An outstanding mat is available from Matworks that combats the main causes of fatigue affecting those people who work and stand for long periods of time in hospital operating theatres.

Designed for wet or dry areas, this mat provides a safe footing with liquid and debris nestling between the surface of flexible domes. Importantly, the heavy-duty rubber of the mat will not harden over time, ensuring outgoing benefits.

Manufactured in Denmark to exacting specifications, its domes simulate a massaging feeling and encourage frequent changes in posture, promoting improved circulation.

Standing for very long periods of time on hard floor surfaces such as those found in hospital operating theatres is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue, which occurs when muscles are constricted causing reduced blood flow. The result is pain and discomfort, especially in the back and legs. The heart is forced to work harder and the body begins to run out of energy, increasing the likelihood of slips, sprains and strains.

A number of major hospitals have recently confirmed their satisfaction with this mat after putting them in to their operating theatres and report very positive benefits for theatre staff as, quite simply, the mat works.

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