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article image MAT 230 -- versatile and flexible.

NEW Pig's Universal MAT230 is a double-weight mat suitable for non-aggressive (not harmful to the skin) spill-response, maintenance, and repair-operation applications for both water-based fluids and hydrocarbons.

Being chemical resistant, it will absorb up to 10 times its weight without degrading or reacting. This high absorption efficiency also means less material to dispose of, resulting in cost savings.

New Pig product manager Ben Nichol says MAT230 is designed to cover areas prone to overspray and spills, but its versatility means flexible applications.

He says the main industries where MAT230 is used are metal, chemical, auto, machinery, utilities, electrical, plastics, food, oil, gas, paper, instruments, trade, glass, industrial supplies, printing and military.

Uses include under hydraulic lines, around machinery, beneath punctured drums, in spill kits and under conveyor belts. Being flame resistant, it is safer for spark-prone areas, such as welding robots.

MAT230 is thermal bonded, meaning the layers are fully bonded, with many fix points - called windows - adding strength, wicking power and abrasion resistance.

Nichol says its grey colour allows it to blend in with its surroundings, hiding leaks and drips; the convenient perforations throughout the mat make it easy to tear off only the amount needed.

The material comes in a roll, 46m long by 76cm wide, with an absorbent capacity of 156 litres. It is also available in pad form, as MAT203, which comes in a box of 100 pads, 42cm x 51cm; each pad absorbs 946ml.

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