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User feedback drives the revolutionary new Linx CJ400 CIJ printer from Matthews Australasia

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Leading intelligent identification company, Matthews Australasia introduces a lightweight and simple-to-use range of continuous ink jet printers (CIJ) in Australia.

The Linx CJ400 delivers several benefits to flexible production lines as well as smaller and remote FMCG and industrial users in a compact package. Key benefits include up to 40% less ink and 33% less solvent usage as well as easy portability and quick, true DIY serviceability. The alphanumeric and symbol coding from 2mm to 20mm allows manufacturers to use it for both product and carton printing, thus reducing costs.

These benefits result from a series of innovations incorporated in the Linx CJ400 CIJ printers, based on user research conducted among customers all over the world for determining the most important factors when buying and using small character coders.

According to Stephen Mummery, Matthews’ national sales and marketing manager, the feedback confirmed that a sizeable proportion of manufacturers across a range of FMCG and industrial markets preferred a simple coding solution that could be installed, used and maintained quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Key innovations in the Linx CJ400 CIJ printers include Easi-Change Service Module, up to three-month printhead cleaning intervals, reduced ink and solvent use, ergonomic design, capacity to store settings for different lines, one-step set-up, simple message creation and editing, and fluid identification for mistake-proof refills.

The Easi-Change Service Module, which can be changed in minutes using on-screen prompts allows scheduled maintenance to be easily completed without the need for a trained technician or costly service calls, benefiting smaller customers or users in remote regions.

Key features of Linx CJ400 CIJ printers:

  • Prints up to 3 lines of information onto almost any porous or non-porous surface
  • Can print 4-5 lines, font size dependent using a special printhead
  • Prints characters 2mm-20mm high, enabling the printer to be used for both product and carton printing
  • Easi-Change Service Module allows scheduled maintenance to be performed without a trained technician or costly service calls
  • On-screen trouble shooting can solve most operating issues without having to consult manuals or engineers
  • Extended printhead cleaning intervals (3 months) further enhance the low maintenance factor, reducing cleaning costs and downtime
  • Unique autoflush process eliminates the need for printer or conduit flushing after extended shutdown periods
  • Lightweight portable design enables flexible production to accommodate changing product lines, increasing productivity and reducing coding costs
  • Stores settings for up to four production lines and 1,000 typical messages enhancing ability to quickly move between lines  
  • One-step set-up with easy-to-use colour touchscreen and simple prompts
  • Easily integrated via iDSnet packaging automation software (PAS)
Matthews specialises in product identification, machine vision and integrated software solutions to deliver business efficiencies, cost savings and production intelligence via automation, quality and control.

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