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Upgraded laser printer models launched

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AN increased variety of printable substrates, improved robustness and greater versatility were the reasons behind Matthews recent launch of the new 30W model of the SolarJet S and HD laser printers, plus the e-SolarMark.

The 30W models, which replace the now-deleted 25W models, also have a strong casing of stainless steel, replacing aluminium; the benefit being able to work in and cope with a corrosive environment, such as the caustic cleaning agents in food plants, according to Andrew Morrow, South Australian sales manager for Matthews Intelligent Identification .

“In R&D on the printers, it was found that just one model, which will do both static and dynamic marking, was needed,” he said.

“Going from 25W to 30W gives the printer more versatility, and we have done that at no added cost. The extra power means users can tackle more substrates such as glass, cardboard, plastics and some metals. The applications are quite wide, from electronic components to food products, even automotive products.”

Further developments on the SolarJet S and e-SolarMark printers meant the control units could now be wall mounted and no longer had to sit on a pedestal.

“The e-SolarMark is a very versatile laser because it can either run from a PC or be networked into a system. It also has a new keyboard option, so the operator can enter data on-line, giving more precise control, as well as saving time,” he said.

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