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Two-line continuous inkjet printer

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article image The Linx 4900 inkjet printer.

MATTHEWS Intelligent Identification has launched the Linx 4900 -- a two-line continuous inkjet printer suitable for food, pharmaceutical and washdown environments.

Carl Reid, Matthews' product manager for ink jet products, said the two-line Linx 4900 printer with its IP55-rated stainless steel cover, sealed print-head and printer-adjusted running parameters, that could print logos and graphics, was designed for minimal user intervention.

"This new Linx 4900 has been designed to be cleaner in operation, clearer in print quality and cleverer through use of advanced technologies, thus needing minimal intervention by the operator.

“It has been engineered for reliability and also ensures users benefit from low cost of ownership."

The printer's stainless steel cover has no dirt traps, and liquids naturally slide off the surface. Because of the steel enclosure's IP55 rating, it is suitable for washdown environments such as food and dairy packaging, without the added cost of factory air.

"Auto power-down is another valuable technological feature. Operators simply press a single button at the end of the shift; the print-head valve system and full auto-flush facility automatically clean the print-head before it powers down,” Reid said.

"This removes any inconvenience in waiting for the Linx 4900 to shut down, and also eliminates the risk of switching off the printer too soon.”

The printer case and print-head design mean no manual intervention. The robust print-head is sealed, with no need for manual print-head adjustments, thus protecting critical components from risk of damage or maladjustment that could affect print quality.

Neither does the operator need to open the Linx 4900's cover.

Running parameters are automatically adjusted and the printer provides clear on-screen diagnostics. The simple, menu-driven screens give fast access to all printer functions.

The clear, simple user interface with WYSIWYG message display mean messages can be created, selected, edited and printed correctly the first time. The printer has a clear, bright screen and full-size keyboard.

The Linx 4900 can store up to 50 messages. A preview screen makes message selection easy and mistake-free. It can print logos and graphics, and it has a wide range of ready-to-use date, time, sequential number and shift-coding formats from which to choose.

"The Linx 4900 is basically a printer you can install and forget," Reid said.

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