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Spill-response absorbent matting

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article image More absorbent than towelling.

NEW Pig, represented in Australia by Matthews Intelligent Identification , has released the Universal MAT230 matting. It is suitable for non-aggressive spill-response, maintenance and repair-operation applications for both water-based fluids and hydrocarbons.

The double-weight mat is chemically-resistant and will absorb up to 10 times its weight without degrading or reacting. This means less material to dispose of. It is designed to cover areas prone to over-spray and spills. It can be used under hydraulic lines, around machinery, beneath punctured drums, in spill kits and under conveyor belts. It is flame-resistant and safe for spark-prone areas such as welding robots.

The eight-layer construction is thermally bonded , with many fix points adding strength, wicking power and abrasion resistance. New Pig's bonding technology speeds up absorption, allowing for quick and even movement of liquid throughout the inner layers. Even if the mat isn't centred over a spill, it will still continue to pull in liquid evenly and quickly. This makes cleanup easier and less messy, without leaving drips or linty residue. MAT230 is 100 times stronger than paper towel. Layering creates a larger area to absorb and hold more liquids. It is about 15 times more absorbent than any paper towel.

It is grey and blends in with its surroundings, hiding leaks and drips well. The perforations throughout the mat make it easy to tear off the amount needed. It comes in a 46m-long, 76cm-wide roll with an absorbent capacity of 155L. It is also available in pad form, as MAT203, which comes in a box of 100 pads. Each pad measures 42cm x 51cm and can absorb 946mL. New Pig offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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