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Single-label packing slip system

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article image Matthews’ Mark Dingley.

FOX IV Technologies has announced the launch of a new packing slip system, using the FOX IV model 8352, that prints packing-slip information on the bottom and the shipping address on the top of a single label.

This system, and its sister system, which uses the FOX IV model 8351, ‘revolutionise’ the distribution and fulfilment process, the American-based Fox Technologies said.

Mark Dingley, of Matthews Intelligent Identification - which has the FOX IV agency in Australia - said the two FOX IV-developed systems automated the normally very labour-intensive packing-slip and shipping-label processes.

Dingley, who manages Matthews' Identification Systems Group, said with both systems, because the slip was automatically printed and applied to the shipping carton as part of the packing process, they avoided mismatching packing slips to carton contents.

"The equipment is designed for those applications where the packing slip is attached to the outside of a carton, or pallet, and the contents need to remain confidential. No more folding, stuffing and sticking packing-slip envelopes by hand."

The 8351 system uses the FOX IV 8351 single head printer applicator to print and apply a confidential packing slip to a carton or pallet.

The packing-slip label has a hole in the bottom liner. The print-head is mounted to print the packing-slip information on the bottom of the label.

Adhesive borders the printed area, allowing the printer applicator to peel and automatically apply the label. Once applied, the packing-slip information remains confidential until the customer peels the packing slip from the carton.

A standard label printer applicator prints and automatically applies the corresponding shipping address label. Both LPAs use a 16" OD label supply.

This system is designed for those applications needing only one packing slip with multiple shipping cartons.

With the second system, the FOX IV Model 8352 prints the packing-slip information on the bottom, and the shipping address on the top of one label.

The bottom-printing mechanism uses thermal-transfer technology, while the top-printing mechanism uses direct-thermal technology.

Both use a high-resolution, 300-dpi print-head. The 8352 model has a 16-inch OD label roll - more than a 75% increase in supply capacity over the industry standard 12" OD.

The FOX IV packing slip and packing slip/shipping address labels are ruggedly designed to survive shipping environment rigours.

Several advantages are inherent in the dual head automated packing slip/shipping label system, including that only one label is required to print both the shipping and the packing-slip information, thus reducing supply costs. Supply changes are limited to a single machine.

Because only one machine is needed to print the packing-slip and shipping information, the installation's size and complexity is reduced.

Matching the shipping information and packing-slip information is done in software, so any mismatch or incomplete data problems can be addressed quickly and accurately - and before any label is placed on the carton.

Since both the customer shipping address and packing-slip information is printed on one label, redundant information can be eliminated, thus freeing up more space for packing-slip information and/or reducing the amount of data being sent.

This system was designed for warehouse and distribution centres shipping a wide variety of products to a large and ever-changing customer base. It is ideal for shipping one carton per customer.

Dingley said the FOX IV Packing Slip System could be integrated with WMS systems to generate real-time packing slips.

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