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Printers help exporter meet targets

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A WEST Australian company, one of the largest exporters of ice-cream to Japan from anywhere in the world, uses continuous inkjet printers are part of its rapidly expanding production.

PB Foods makes ice-cream of all descriptions, flavours and colours and according to its senor manufacturing technologist Keith Neale, one reason the company stands out is its ability to manufacture and deliver an extremely high-quality product to customers on a repeatable basis.

“Australia is the largest exporter of ice-cream to Japan and PB Foods is one of the largest exporters from Australia,” Neale said.

The company, which contract packs supermarket-chain product for Japanese dairy companies, is working to take the Japanese export component of its business to 30 per cent.

Last year, PB Foods installed two new Linx 6200 continuous ink jet printers from Matthews Intelligent Identification .

“We have a four other Linx models in use in the factory , including 3200s and 3400s, so going to the latest model was a natural upgrade.”

PB Foods needed the new equipment on new filling lines, to print on the lids of round 140ml polypropylene cups, producing 300 cups a minute.

“We went from single, rotary, in-line filling machines to multi-lane filling machines. One of our Japanese customer’s requirements was that we were able to code products on the lids with both Japanese and English text. Obviously, the only position from which we could do that was on the machine, while it was indexing.”

The two Linx 6200s travelled back and forth over the filling lines, Neale said. To create the Japanese text, the operator had dawn the characters as logos.”

Neale said the operators who use the Linx 6200s had found them fairly simple to operate and very reliable.

“Some of the other coders are not that reliable. We have other ink jet coders in the factory, but we have found that the Linx is probably a little bit more reliable in an on-line situation. When we’re running a multi-lane machine, producing 300 products a minute on a six-wide machine, we can’t afford the printer to be down because we have a code problem,” he said. Matthews Intelligent Identification. (1800 333 074).

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