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Matthews Intelligent Identification stand at Foodpro 2011 attracts heavy visitor interest

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Visitor interest was at an all-time high at the Matthews Intelligent Identification stand at the Foodpro 2011 held recently.

Matthews’ stand attracted visitors who were interested in vision systems for objective, automated QA, along with Package Code Management for real-time dashboards.

In addition to automation in quality assurance, visitors were also interested in iDSnet Manager’s ability to enable real-time dashboards and reports on efficiency, performance and downtime.

Mark Dingley, manager of the iDSnet Group within Matthews said that visitors were interested in learning how to use vision systems linked to iDSnet to enable objective quality control, including for shelf-ready packaging.

Vision inspection systems can easily integrate with iDSnet, and the real-time data on packaging quality is valuable to processors.  

Matthews’ latest in-house-developed Package Code Management (PCM) solution, iDSnet Manager Version 2, was also a key point of interest.

iDSnet Manager V2 collects data from every coding and labelling station, as well as other input sources such as scanners and photo eyes that are directly related to collecting reliable production throughput of primary, secondary and pallet volumes.

This data is used to run dashboard reports with in-depth, real-time production line performance monitoring, giving actual production efficiencies, including idle times and breakdowns, plus reports on the causes of production stoppages.

A full reporting tool is in-built in the V2 allowing manufacturers to design their own reports. Since the customised web-based dashboards and reports are in real time, plant managers have complete visibility and insight into production efficiencies.

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