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Matthews’ Avery ALS 204 labellers rise to the top at Bulla

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Dairy company Bulla chose Matthews Intelligent Identification when it was time to replace the labeller on its drinking-yoghurt line.

The Matthews Avery ALS 204 integrated labelling system is designed for demanding applications. Bulla runs 200g and 1L bottles of drinking yoghurt through the system and is impressed with its dispensing speed of up to 40m/min. Matthews Intelligent Identification’s ability to provide an unprecedented IP65 rating (protected from water ingress) for the Avery applicator made Bulla’s choice of labellers easy.

Bulla’s maintenance co-ordinator, Damien Blake, says the old labeller at the Colac cream plant where the drinking yoghurt is made had become unreliable and needed to be replaced to avoid costly downtime.

“We decided to get something new and the Matthews one was the only one that would supply us with the IP65 rating.”

Blake says Bulla chose a stainless steel Avery ALS 204 labeller with IP65 rating to apply sticky product labels to the drinking-yoghurt bottles, as strict hygiene controls mean the equipment must be washed down daily. “It doesn’t rust or corrode; that’s what I was looking for.”

The operators of the labellers are pleased with the new equipment because it is easy to use says Blake.

“For instance, if we do a run of 200g bottles, we might do one changeover once a week and run the 1L bottles. The operators find it quite easy to use; it is a lot better than our previous system because there is just finger-touch control now and the Avery control panel is really good to use.”

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