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Linx 6900 Solver CIJ printer from Matthews Intelligent Identification

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Matthews Intelligent Identification  has recently added the highly efficient Linx 6900 Solver to its Linx 6900 continuous inkjet (CIJ) range.

Linx 6900 Solver CIJ printer features a purpose-built ink system which intelligently adapts to the production requirements and uses solvent only as it is needed.

Linx 6900 Solver CIJ printer uses a new ink system and specially created intelligent software to think as it inks.

The coder adapts to specific printing conditions and adjusts its operation according to the requirements of the code being printed, using only the amount of solvent required.

Key facts:

  • Reduces solvent consumption at low operating temperatures, unlike other ink jet solvent-reduction systems
  • Automatic print-head cleaning recycles solvent within the printer, hence minimises manual print-head cleaning and solvent waste, yet still provides trouble-free start-ups
  • Full colour screen with simple menu structure
  • Portable design with plug-in connectors, easily transferable between production lines

Carl Reid, Matthews’ Product Manager for inkjet products, says, “This is the most effective and reliable solvent saving technique we've seen so far. Of the more traditional systems currently available, the ‘condense and recycle’ method can affect ink quality, while the ‘pulsed gutter suction’ process can allow ink to build up in the print-head. This often means more regular print-head cleaning and increased downtime.

“The efficiency of this new technique means that less solvent and therefore less money is going down the drain, so it’s better for both the environment and the bottom line.”

However, in looking at reducing solvent usage, it’s vital to consider the impact on the print.

“For instance,” Carl explains, “reducing solvent use to reduce environmental impact is a worthy notion, but completely useless economically to the business if the print suffers. The R&D behind the new Linx 6900 Solver ensures the same, high quality print, regardless of solvent volumes used; that’s why we’re calling it ‘intelligent’.”

When used, solvents are released into the atmosphere as VOCs - volatile organic compounds. Although likely to be present as a vapour or gas in normal ambient temperatures, in large quantities, solvents can be toxic to plants and animals. Added to this, are the cost considerations for proper waste disposal.

“So any reduction in solvent usage is a smart decision on several fronts,” Carl says.

In addition to its 40% solvent saving, Linx 6900 Solver CIJ printer maintains all of the established functionality of the standard model: 5-line printing at speeds of up to 8.4m/s, an intuitive colour user-interface with WYSIWYG display and menu system, low-maintenance operation and a curved appearance.

Carl says Linx 6900 Solver CIJ printer will be of particular interest to large-scale users of CIJ technology, who are printing 24/7.

“The standard Linx 6900 is already one of the most economical models available,” Carl explains, “but we recognise that for those manufacturers who are continuously running multiple printers, solvent costs can soon add up — and the disposal of solvent waste can also present quite a problem. This is where the Linx 6900 Solver can achieve the greatest savings.

“And, while the potential 40% solvent reduction is compared with a standard Linx printer, savings may be even greater compared with other CIJ brands.”

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