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'Green' pallet stabiliser

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Wrapping pallet-loads in numerous layers of plastic is costly on resources - and not environmentally friendly. An Australian stabiliser addresses both those issues.

Matthews Intelligent Identification has just been appointed as the exclusive agent in Australia for Holdtite pallet stabilising labels.

Key facts:

* reduces the amount of stretch-wrap needed by up to 80%

* environmentally responsible

* positives in triple bottom line reporting

* stabilises fragile or slippery cartons

* product 100% recyclable, so nothing goes to landfill

* can be printed with bar codes and human-readable information

* complies with OH&S issues

Matthews' Richard Brearley says Holdtite has a non-slip surface, stabilising individual cartons onto a pallet.

He says that one way to hold stacked cartons together on a pallet is to tightly wrap them in layers and layers of stretch film. Imagine cases of wine or cartoned computers, stacked four to six-foot high; either would need anywhere up to 25 rotations of stretch film.

Brearley says that there are several inherent problems with this. Firstly, it uses a lot of plastic wrap. Neither the wrap itself, nor disposing of it, is very environmentally friendly.

Secondly, there is the timed labour cost in wrapping and unwrapping loads.

Thirdly, sometimes damages occur from the stretch film being too tight. Holdtite also reduces breakages and increases productivity.

Brearley says that Holdtite complies with OH&S issues because there are no messy residues and no damage to the carton presentation.

He explains that Holdtite pressure-sensitive adhesive labels easily integrate into existing production lines as they are 'wiped' or 'tamped' onto the carton before palletising, without interruption to the production process.

Holdtite is simply placed under each carton to stop it from slipping; cartons are stacked as normal. The label's friction stops the boxes from moving, reducing the stretch film needed from up to 25 wraps down to about four or five.

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