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Compact thermal printing without a magazine

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article image The Easyprint S-CM.

MATTHEWS Intelligent Identification has available two Easyprint compact models, the S-CM and S-IM, the smallest thermal printers available in Australia.

They are based on technology in Easyprint's compact models, the CM and the IM, which integrate directly into packaging lines - either continuous or intermittent.

Damian Marcantonio, Matthews' thermal product specialist, said the two S models had numerous benefits.

"The S-CM and S-IM have been specifically developed for labelling lines, which are more compressed than packaging lines, so the S models are extremely compact.

"However, the S models are not limited to labelling lines - they are perfect for users looking for a competitively priced piece of thermal equipment, without necessarily using a magazine, or users with restricted environments."

The S models have the same capabilities as the larger compact models: with Easyprint's patented fading, retraction and column-mode technologies. Mr Marcantonio said fading could reduce the cost of foil usage by up to 80 per cent.

"Rather than a magazine, the foil is placed directly into the actual machine itself. These models fit a niche market: the fact the S models are small, compact units is their key."

Another key is print-head reliability, giving an important, strategic benefit.

"The S-CM model runs at 1000mm/sec, and we do that by not over-driving the print-heads. This obviously has major advantages in reducing wear and tear and maintenance. The print-head has all the strength and all the features of the bigger units, and that is really a key factor - these are all standard, there are no extra costs for these features."

The S model control boxes are based around the simple design of Easyprint's standard machines, meaning they are true stand-alone printers that don't need complicated software for simple date and time codes.

"The control boxes are identical right across the Easyprint range, allowing flexibility and consistency when choosing an Easyprint printer. For detailed message formats, a WYSIWYG-based software package makes operation simple," Mr Marcantonio said.

The S-CM prints continuously, at speeds of up to 1000mm/sec and will cover an area up to 53mm x 900mm. The S-IM prints intermittently, at speeds of up to 500mm/sec and will cover an area up to 53mm x 60mm.

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