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CIJ printers let dairy track output

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PROUD of its past, Perfection Dairies has a firm eye on the future, including business direction and technological developments. Perfection, established in 1907, today services Sydney’s west and north west with milk, flavoured milks, yoghurt, cream and custards.

Now Australia’s only family-operated milk processor, Perfection last year updated coding technology, installing three Linx 4800 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers from Matthews Intelligent Identification.

Factory manager Steve Kelly said Perfection Dairies moved to CIJ from thermal coding equipment. Downtime and ease of use were two major drivers.

“We installed a CIJ printer on a gable-top carton line, which running cartons from 250ml up to one litre; on a 150ml-cup line, printing on foil lids; and on a three-litre HDPE bottle line; all different substrates and different-sized products.”

Perfection used the Linx 4800 CIJs for date coding, printing two lines. Production speeds were 220 bottles a minute, but Perfection had installed high-speed software for future flexibility.

“We put a use-by code on for legal requirements,” Kelly said, “along with other information for our own traceability, such as day and time of manufacture, number of the vat it came from and so on.

“Because Perfection has such a strong emphasis on hygiene and quality, we also include an operator identification of who ran that machine when. It’s just two initials, but we can go to that person should there ever be a problem. This all gives us excellent traceability.”

Kelly says password levels on the Linx 4800 meant operators could easily make changes, but couldn’t go beyond certain points, adding to safety and saving time. Matthews Intelligent Identification (1800 333 074).

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