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Matlab Technology Tour 2010

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MathWorks will be holding a series of free one-day events in April for new and existing users of MATLAB and Simulink as its MATLAB Technology Tour kicks off across Australia and Europe.
Through a combination of keynotes, customer presentations, live demos and workshops, attendees will gain an insight into some of the powerful new features in MATLAB and Simulink and will increase their understanding of how these tools can help tackle advanced engineering challenges.

Highlights of the event include:

  • New modelling and optimisation capabilities in MATLAB
  • Using symbolic computing with MATLAB and Simulink to support modelling, simulation and embedded systems design task
  • New features to support computer vision and video processing
  • An introduction to Parallel Computing with MATLAB
  • What’s new in Model-Based Design
The keynote presentation by Andrew Clay, Managing Director of MathWorks Australia, will offer his perspectives on key technologies and trends that will impact engineering and science.  Throughout the day, delegates will have the opportunity to network with other MATLAB and Simulink users, as well as senior MathWorks engineers. The European tour countries will include France, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Norway, Austraia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Italy and will take place on 9th April to 11th.

In Australia, The MATLAB Technology Tour 2010 will take place on:

  • Melbourne: 20 April 2010, Rendezvous Hotel
  • Sydney: 22 April 2010, Wesley Conference Centre

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