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What is materials handling?

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What is Materials Handling?

Many individuals and organisations are unaware of what the words “Materials Handling” mean and what Materials Handling Pty Ltd can do for them. The answer is that “Materials Handling” is the terminology, process and psychology of the movement (handling), control and protection of goods (materials) as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity.

You have the requirements. We have the solutions.

We offer our clients a comprehensive “Materials Handling” range and have available a comprehensive range of products that will assist them to find the correct product for their specific requirements. Should you not be able to find the solution, just ask. We have lots more to offer and our products are constantly being improved and expanded to suit the contemporary market.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Your particular problem may not be the one that can be addressed by a solution already available. That is why we offer our custom engineered solutions for system integration, conceptions planning, construction, commissioning and support. We offer complete logistic solutions to all forms of material handling problems from a simple conveyor to a full turnkey design and construction package.

Materials Handling will design your materials handling solution to suit your business and your products in the way you want them to be handled. From air cargo to food product, fertilisers to pharmaceuticals we have the picking and conveying solution.

Our objective

We strive to apply cost effective technology, products, know-how, experience, quality systems and service to your particular problem. The objective is to provide equipment and systems for workplace health and safety, accident prevention and environmental protection that will satisfy your needs.

Your benefit

With our 25 years of experience, you gain by enhanced productivity, efficiency, safety, profitability, a more content workforce and a commitment to your environment.

Workplace Health and Safety

All of our products and systems introduce effective devices and procedures to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, particularly back related injuries. We are committed to all facets of Workplace Health and Safety considerations to increase productivity and profitability and have personnel working with ease.

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