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The ergonomic edge

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Injuries can be prevented

According to Materials Handling Pty Ltd , the human back is an amazing feat of bionic engineering, consisting of about 26 bones, 100 joints, hundreds of muscles and thousands of nerves. With such a complex arrangement it is no wonder problems are experienced when the back is asked to bear too much. Daily and frequent bending, twisting, lifting and moving heavy objects or loads near the limit of human ability will slowly but steadily wear out the human body. Furthermore, heavy lifting always involved the risk of a back injury.

Injuries can hurt your business

Stop hoping that your workers will use the correct lifting technique. Despite training, warning and education, the right lifting technique will be ignored and injuries will occur. These injuries can physically, mentally and financially impair a worker for life and rack up thousands of dollars in cumulative trauma disorder injuries.

Stop the cycle

Quit believing that light loads do not cause injuries over time. The consequence, to Australia’s economy of doing the same job repetitively, whilst using incorrect lifting devices or relying on technique is billions, not millions, of dollars in cumulative trauma disorder injuries.

Take action

Lifting loads over and over causes the majority of back injuries. The strength and size of the worker is unimportant to the risk. What is important is the number of times they lift a day, week, month or year. It is time to stop the cycle. It is time to end the injuries.

The end of injuries

When workers are on the job, their health is on the line. Organisations have the power to stop injuries by evaluating all manual handling tasks and restructuring the task. They can embrace new technology and utilise materials handling devices that facilitate work processes, workstations and tools. Gain the ergonomic edge and increase productivity, protect profits and improve the competitiveness for your organisation. If investments in ergonomic handling devices returned only a 1 per cent increase in efficiency, higher profits will be guaranteed.

The ergonomic edge

The science of ergonomics is a concept that fits the job to the person. Each job is designed to accommodate each worker’s specific limits. The result? Workers only use tools and equipment that are compatible with their abilities therefore reducing fatigue, promoting comfort and safeguarding them against injury.

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