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Mechbelt smart belt-driven linear unit now available from Materials Handling

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article image Mechbelt smart belt-driven linear unit now availbale from Materials Handling

Mechbelt is a modular, belt-driven, aluminium profiled, linear unit for driving linear movements in x, y and z directions, up to 14 metres in horizontal as well as vertical directions, and is available from Materials Handling . With units mounted in pairs, the linear unit can load up to 500 kg which can be transported.

Features of the belt driven linear unit include:

  • The drive on the linear unit is executed by a high-quality tooth belt, and has an option of parallel drive of two units by the same motor
  • On the output shaft it is possible to attach a pulse counter for the positioning of the load
  • Mechbelt linear unit can be delivered with different motors and gears adapted to customer standards
  • There is a large portfolio of end effectors that can partner the Mechbelt linear unit systems. These include expanding mandrels, grippers of many designs, simple hooks, magnets, scissor grabs, vacuum feet and many more options
Mechbelt linear units are used in the following applications:
  • Automated equipment
  • Packing stations
  • Pick and place systems
  • Pallet loading robots
  • Robot cells
  • Goods elevators
  • Feeding units
Materials Handling can supply Mechbelt as a simple mechanical solution with dual Mechbelts, lifter and motors, but without cable, connection and programming. Alternatively it can be supplied as a complete turnkey project with all electrical, pneumatic, control, sensors & PLC controls

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