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Materials Handling offers A-Safe swing gates

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article image A-Safe swing gates can be configured to swing only one way

A-Safe pedestrian separation barrier swing gates, now available from Materials Handling , are used for access points and exit points for pedestrians, acting as a physical stop so pedestrians are required to open the gate instead of walking straight through a gap.

These swing gates are mainly used with pedestrian separation barriers but are compatible with most A-Safe pedestrian separation barrier systems by using an interface post.

They can also be used as a standalone gate, and are ideal for pedestrian access. Available in safety green as well as the standard yellow, the gates feature a double swing action, but stops can be added to ensure they only swing one way.

The safety green gates indicate access points for fire exits, fire or safety equipment or medical assistance. The green can be easily seen especially in a long run of yellow barrier.

Standard sizes available are 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm, although any size is available up to 2000mm. They can be installed in pairs to give openings to a maximum of 4000mm.

Monkey tail bolts can be used to secure gates in and open or closed position. Gate locks are also available.

Patent and patent pending.

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