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Materials Handling P/L offers clients unique solutions to their materials handling problems

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article image Unique solutions for materials handling problems
Materials Handling P/L  offers customised materials handling solutions to their clients to address specific lifting and handling problems.
Unique processes offered by the company

Materials Handling P/L offers a wide range of standard modules and components to resolve virtually any lifting or handling problem encountered at the client’s workplace. Though most of the products are used in manual or semi-manual applications, Materials Handling P/L can build a fully automated process to handle loads up to 1000kg. 
How is the process different from other companies?

Partnering with Materials Handling P/L ensures that the client can source all products and components for a solution from a single supplier.
What led the company to develop this process?

Materials Handling P/L began operations with custom industrial applications, which required the company to deal with multiple tasks from fully equipped assembly lines to manual handling stations, resulting in a wide range of products that were suitable for diverse industry segments. 
Developing the process

Materials Handling P/L began developing industry-specific solutions based on their large portfolio of products. One of the facilitators of these solutions is the modular designed Mechbelt, a very versatile Pick 'n' Place linear unit that provides X-Y and Z travel together with a manipulator, and is designed to perform as a fully automated system.
Applying this process successfully

The Mechbelt pick and place solution is popular in industries where there is a need to handle sheet material, with most of the demand coming from the wood sector. This cost-effective application offers the possibility to get a tailor-made solution simply by using standard components. The Mechbelt has been used through the years in many different industry segments and for different applications. 

What type of industries does the process benefit?

Any industry where lifting is involved can benefit from using these materials handling solutions. Customers will not only make the production process more efficient with savings in both time and money, but will also reduce accidents and strain injuries to a minimum.

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