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MatHand 150 Solar Panel ladder lifts, from Materials Handling

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Now available from Materials Handling, the MatHand 150 Solar Panel Ladder Lift is an ideal choice for solar technology industries to safely lift solar panels and hot water systems onto roofs.

The MatHand 150 Solar Panel Ladder Lift is a sophisticated ladder lifting system with versatile, load-bearing ladder style lifting rails and a special platform fixed to the load carriage that ensures safe transportation of the solar panels onto the roof. Rubber rests protect the solar panels from being damaged while the clamping device on this ladder lifting system fastens them safely to the platform.

MatHand Ladder Lifts are European designed, safe, top quality, with first class components. They are an extremely lightweight, safe and versatile lifting solution to meet virtually all demands on a building site.

The MatHand 150 Solar Ladder Lift has a 150kg capacity, and the power supply is 240volt single phase with safe 24volt control pendant and 5metres of cable. All electric cables are plug-in joints.

Assembly of these ladder lifts is simple and the light weight makes positioning possible without difficulty. The ladder rails are joined, the frontal positioned drive unit snap locks onto the base rail and the load carriage is fitted. The versatile load carrying platform can then be easily fixed to the carriage, by latch locks.

Safety is a vitally important factor whilst using these compact MatHand Ladder Lifts. All carriages are equipped with a parachute device as standard, in order to avoid a crash of the load in the unlikely event that a cable should break, while large foot plates ensure safe standing support of all MatHand Ladder Lifts.

These ladder lifts can be used either to be inclined against a building or inclined onto a roof.

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