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Drum grab rotators

Remote hydraulic grab rotators allow the forklift operator to pick a single drum from a pallet of four drums without disturbing the other three. With a galvanised finish and a full 180o rotation, this attachment is ideal for the food processing industry. Supplied with quick release hose couplings for connection to the third and fourth forklift valves.

Features include:

· 350 kg safe working load

· 180o rotation

· Unit weight is 150 kg

· Load centre 1250 mm

· Pocket centres 820 mm

Drum turner

The unique drum turner allows for metal 205 L drums to be repositioned or transported with ease. This slip-on attachment has a manual pull-cord operation, while being held on the forklift by a safety chain. Metal drums lying on their side can be placed in a horizontal position. With the drum able to be transported in the horizontal position, drum turners make loading of racks simple.

Features include:

· 350 kg safe working load

· Load centre 1500 mm

· Unit weight 110 kg

· 90o rotation

· Painted enamel

Mobile lifter and rotator

This Materials Handling lightweight manoeuvrable foot hydraulic drum rotator provides the alternative to forklifts. Drums are easily clamped in the holder by eccentric lock and rotated effortlessly. The fully guarded design ensures operators are safely protected from all moving parts. Low profile legs allow for placement under machinery and full stability when raised. A foot brake is provided for uneven ground.

Features include:

· Hoist height 1800 mm

· 360o drum rotation

· Unit weight 170 kg

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