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Company Focus: Loading dock safety equipment from Materials Handling P/L

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article image Dock Eye safety lights provide truck and trailer lighting whilst loading/unloading at docks

Ferret.com.au interviewed NSW Sales Manager for Materials Handling P/L , Robert Soban, at the recent Safety Show Sydney. In addition to showcasing the company's new Expleco glass crusher, Robert spoke to us about the company's range of loading dock safety equipment.

Robert said that one major advantage of this product offering was its versatility.

"It's good because you can buy all of it, or part of it, or you can integrate it into your existing system. That's the beaut part about it. You don't have to replace your loading dock just because you buy some lights off us," he explained.

Here, we will look at several products in this range, and discuss some of their major features and benefits.

The Smart Strap retractable dock barrier

Suitable for doors with openings up to 3,000mm, the Smart Strap retractable dock barrier is designed to help prevent dockworkers from falling off a loading dock.

This high visibility yellow dock barrier replaces the signal function of the dock door opening and closing when the facility operates with the loading dock doors open.

It features a high strength durable nylon strap that is retractable to keep clear of door openings when not in use, and when supplied with an optional proximity sensor, it can be incorporated with the Smart Chock & Safety Signal dock communication systems from Materials Handling P/L, or used as a stand-alone unit.

Dock Eye dock safety lights

Dock Eye safety lights are an ideal solution for truck and trailer lighting whilst loading/unloading at docks.

Virtually indestructible, Dock Eye dock safety lights are designed to provide light when and where it is needed, and feature a stainless steel flexible tube design that withstands sudden impact, and easily adjusts to any position.

The 421 halogen Dock Eye features a low voltage 117 Watt halogen bulb with an average life of 4,000 hours compared to 300 hours for older incandescent bulbs. It also has a special coating that retains any broken glass from a fractured bulb, making it ideal for food manufacturing and distribution facilities.
Materials Handling has also introduced a new 450 Green LED Dock Eye, which uses 60% less energy than a 150 Watt incandescent bulb, and has an expected bulb life of 85,000 hours, 250 times the life of a conventional 'par' incandescent bulb.

AeroTec dock fan

The AeroTec fan is designed to continuously pull new air in and push old air out. More than a typical dock fan, the AeroTec is actually an air exchanger that is capable of cooling, warming or moving out toxic gases in a truck within seconds.

In addition, if the AeroTec fan should be accidentally hit, the breakaway design of the plastic air delivery tube means it can be easily repositioned without costly repair or replacement.

It takes up to 75% less space than conventional arm-supported blade fans, and can also be interlocked with the Safety Signal or Smart Chock inside control units from Materials Handling to eliminate wasteful energy consumption.

When interlocked in this way, the fan will turn on when the door is opened for loading, and shut off when the door is closed.

RxV dock door bottom replacement panel

RxV replacement panels provide a solution to the constant abuse dock doors can be subjected to in busy loading environments. Capable of 'knocking out' in either direction, the RxV panel is self-correcting, and also eliminates troublesome air and light gaps.

Benefits of the RxV include:

  • availability of insulated panels 610mm high and up to 3,000mm wide
  • eliminates continuous replacement of damaged bottom panels
  • allows sectional doors to run smoother
  • easy to install
  • flexible
  • resets automatically; and
  • requires no maintenance.

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