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Altrac light crane systems

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Altrac light crane systems can be installed or mounted to existing building structure or it can installed free standing. Hoists may be manual, electric, pneumatic or vacuum.

Benefits to Materials Handling customers:


• High tensile strength that is tested to Australian standards.


• Easy to install

• Less than 7kg per metre

Modular assembly

• Pre-engineered for modular assembly. Altrac has been designed for ease of installation as a bolt together system.

Aesthetically pleasing

• Smooth lines – May be used in architectural design for building projects.

Self cleaning

• The surface of the track does not become contaminated, by the build up of dirt and rust – ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Cost effective

• Time saving on installation and maintenance

No special assembly tools

• Only basic tools required, no welders or special gadgets needed.


• May be supplied in curved sections to suit applications as a monorail or gantry crane.

Made in Australia

• High quality product – Altrac Australian owned, made and designed.

Does not require surface coating

• No flaking of materials, such as paint, on to area below.


• Track may be added to at a later date with the use of a splice kit.

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