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A-Safe’s Top Ten Tips for a Safer Workplace

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article image A-Safe barriers spring back into shape after a collision, greatly reducing the need for damage repairs
According to pedestrian and traffic barrier system supplier A-Safe, health and safety in the workplace is very simple. Here, the company has compiled its top ten tips for a safer work place:

  • Make sure you have adequate pedestrian segregation - a painted line is classed as 'segregation', but do you think it’s adequate?  This only acts as a guide, but offers no protection if a pedestrian or vehicle strays.  Erect suitable barriers to provide firm separation.
  • Don't forget your building - racking, walkways and products are often well protected in warehouse environments. But walls and columns can often be forgotten about. Vehicle damage to the structure of your building can not only mean costly repairs, it means your premises weaken and your environment becomes more dangerous.
  • Whoever you are, make your workforce stick to correct aisles and pathways designed for them - you're not being finicky - you're protecting your colleagues.
  • Think of the long term savings - when it comes to installing safety barriers in your workplace, remember that by installing 'a barrier' you are likely to have to repaint a barrier and repair any floor damage that happens as a result of impact from a passing vehicle.  Will the barrier be damaged easily and have to be replaced again?  What might be cheap to install can prove costly long term, and there are traffic barriers on the market that are designed to considerably save your maintenance costs.
  • Keep aisles and passageways clear at all times - breaking the simplest of rules can have the biggest consequences.
  • Be intelligent with gates - never fit an out swinging gate. Make sure a stop is fitted so a gate can't be opened in to an area where vehicles are passing. An in swinging gate pauses the movement of a pedestrian, increasing their awareness of traffic movement.
  • Don't think health and safety is complicated - good health and safety, is simple health and safety.  Common sense is key when making your work place a safe place to be.
  • Pallet racking - rack legs and rack ends are very vulnerable areas of your workplace. One hit, and your stock could be gone.  Some companies decide to ignore racking protection because they feel that it compromises too much space.  There are products on the market, such as the RackGuard that are designed to offer maximum protection, whilst maximising the space to work in.
  • Research - when choosing your health and safety barriers in your workplace, read up on it.  Do you know what you're getting?  Does it meet British safety standards? Will it be suitable for the size and weight of vehicle on your building?  Make sure you buy the best for your budget.
  • Never put off making your workplace safe – delaying safety in your environment risks lives.
A-Safe pedestrian and traffic barriers are distributed in Australia by Materials Handling P/L .

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