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Matcon smart drums
21.11.2011 - Matcon manufactures smart drums which are suitable for a range of applications. They are suitable to be used with Matcon’s range of IBC Filling, IBC Discharge, IBC Blending and Washing systems.
Free consultation with Dave Newell, Business Development Director of Matcon Pacific
09.11.2011 - Matcon Limited (Matcon IBC) recently welcomed their global sales team and network of agents to a training conference at their new Global Headquarters in Evesham, Worcestershire.
Matcon Australia ‘Open Day’ with FlexiBatch Micro the star attraction
12.10.2011 - Matcon Pacific recently hosted their first ever ‘Open Day’ event at their Guildford West facility in Sydney, showcasing the latest in lean powder manufacturing solutions.
Matcon IBC supplies IBC discharge stations for use with flowable solids
12.09.2011 - Basic IBC discharge stations from Matcon IBC are part of the Matcontainer range of equipment, and have been designed to enable the discharge of cone valve IBCs when processing flowable solids such as
IBC systems for solids handling from Matcon IBC
12.07.2011 - The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally used manual methods of solids transfer from process to process when preparing solids material for formulations used in the production of tablets, capsules
Matcon IBC offers lean solutions for solid dosage manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry
06.07.2011 - Matcon IBC offers a range of lean solutions to reduce waste, optimise productivity and increase product quality in the pharmaceutical industry.
Matcon Pacific Open Day in August
05.07.2011 - Matcon Pacific is holding an Open Day at their Guildford West NSW 2161 facility on Wednesday 17th of August 2011.
Matcon supplies IBC system to Myosyn to De-Couple Mixing and Packing Processes for Increased Efficiency
04.07.2011 - Matcon IBC supplied an IBC system to Myosyn Industries to help them improve the efficiency of the mixing process.
Announcing the New Matcon Website
30.06.2011 - Matcon IBC presents their new and informative website in an innovative format to showcase their products and expertise.
Matcon IBC's cone valve technology
28.04.2011 - Matcon IBC's cone valve technology limits the impact of the introduction of IBC's earlier in the production process during the dispensary cycle.
Matcon IBC introduces Flexi-Batch Micro ingredient formulation systems
11.04.2011 - Flexi-Batch Micro ingredient formulation systems are the latest addition to the range of powder handling solutions supplied by Matcon IBC.
Intermediate bulk containers for chemical production from Matcon IBC
09.03.2011 - Matcon IBC supplies a variety of intermediate bulk containers to the chemical production industry for the handling, storage and transportation of powders, granules and other materials.
Matcon’s Revolutionary IBC Blender Provides Steric Trading with Competitive Advantage
12.01.2011 - An IBC and blending system installed by Matcon IBC has increased production efficiency, reduced waste and brought about better quality control in a client’s manufacturing processes.
Matcon IBCs Facilitate Lean Powder Processing in the Food Industry
09.12.2010 - Intermediate bulk container systems designed and supplied by Matcon IBC help food producers gain more flexibility, efficiency as well as batch traceability with less waste.
Matcon IBC System Installed at Goro Nickel Plant for Lime Dosing
08.12.2010 - Matcon IBC installed their IBC system consisting of IBCs and discharge stations based on cone valve technology at the Goro Nickel plant in New Caledonia.
Matcon’s IBC Mixing Technology Integrated into Baby Food Manufacturing Plant Upgrade
07.12.2010 - Matcon IBC has provided its IBC mixing technologies for the plant upgrade of a baby food manufacturing company in Spain.
Matcon’s Cone Valve IBC Integrated into New Thailand Seasonings Plant
03.12.2010 - Matcon IBC was contracted by Monexco International to supply a new seasonings plant for their new facility in Thailand.
Matcon Cone Valve IBCs Integrated into TETRA’s Automated DE Delivery System
02.12.2010 - Matcon IBC has supplied their bulk handling solutions to TETRA for integration with their diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration systems.
Matcon Supplies IBC Material Handling Systems for Kotra’s New Solid Dosage Manufacturing Facility in Malaysia
01.12.2010 - Matcon IBC was awarded a contract to supply material handling systems for a new Malaysian solid dosage manufacturing facility.
Micro Ingredients Formulation with Flexi-Batch Micro from Matcon IBC
30.11.2010 - Matcon IBC introduces a new range of automatic formulation machines to their powder handling solutions.
Hygienic Washing Systems and Cleaning in Place from Matcon IBC
16.09.2010 - Matcon IBC equipment and washing systems are often employed in 'hygiene-critical' environments such as pharmaceutical and food industries.
Achieving High Containment Levels in IBC Systems with Matcon’s Solution
15.09.2010 - Matcon IBC specialises in providing total IBC solutions for a diverse range of industries and materials.
Due Diligence to Prevent Explosion Risk in Hazardous Areas
14.09.2010 - Matcon IBC has several installations in areas that are classified as 'hazardous' or 'high risk'.
External transport and distribution via intermediate bulk containers from Matcon IBC
01.09.2010 - Matcon IBC provides intermediate bulk containers to a range of process industries, and many of these are looking to extend the use of the containers beyond their production plant.
Total IBC Solutions from Matcon
30.08.2010 - Matcon IBC specialises in providing solutions for handling and processing powders, granules, tablets as well as other materials in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).
Solution to homogenous blending with IBC in-bin-blending from Matcon IBC
27.08.2010 - Blending with an intermediate bulk container (IBC) from Matcon IBC offers several advantages in that the IBC batch goes direct to the next stage of the process without the blend being disturbed.
Matcon IBC demonstrates materials handling equipment at Sydney test centre
26.08.2010 - Matcon IBC encourages customers to carry out full scale trials of their materials handling equipment before purchase, replicating site conditions to minimise project risk for all parties involved.
Matcon LEAN Pharmaceutical Processing solutions presented at ISPE annual conference
27.05.2010 - Matcon Pacific's Business Development Director, Dave Newell, recently gave a presentation on Matcon LEAN Pharmaceutical Processing solutions at the 3rd ISPE annual conference in Jakarta.
Matcon IBC Test Centres
07.05.2010 - Matcon IBC’s UK and US test centres are well equipped. Full production can be replicated, assuring that throughput rates for the overall plant meets forecast demand.
GlaxoSmithKline South Africa uses IBCs to improve quality and efficiency
10.02.2010 - GlaxoSmithKline South Africa's solid dosage manufacturing process is batch based and uses Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to move batches between process steps.
Lean food powder processing and Matcon IBC
10.02.2010 - Matcon IBC provides systems based around portable containers (IBCs) for batch powder processes, throughout various sectors of the food industry.
Flexibatch Micro ingredients formulation systems from Matcon IBC
09.02.2010 - The Matcon Flexibatch Micro is an automated micro ingredients formulation system and is available from Matcon IBC.
Smart Drum IBC from Matcon IBC
08.02.2010 - The Smart Drum IBC from Matcon IBC is manufactured from stainless steel as standard, and is part of the Matcon-tainer range of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).
R series polyethylene IBC available from Matcon IBC
05.02.2010 - Available from Matcon IBC, the R series polyethylene IBC is part of the Matcontainer Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) range.
S series stainless steel IBC available from Matcon IBC
04.02.2010 - The S series stainless steel IBC is part of the Matcontainer range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) available from Matcon IBC.
Tablet IBC available from Matcon IBC
03.02.2010 - The tablet IBC is part of the Matcontainer range of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) available from Matcon IBC.
IBC wash stations available from Matcon IBC
02.02.2010 - IBC wash stations, available from Matcon IBC, wash internal contact surfaces using a series of high pressure jets.
IBC filling units available from Matcon IBC
01.02.2010 - IBC filling units, available from Matcon IBC, are part of the unique Matcontainer range of filling equipment specifically designed to facilitate dust-tight filling of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).
Laboratory IBC blending systems available from Matcon IBC
29.01.2010 - Laboratory IBC blending systems, available from Matcon IBC, are specifically designed to blend powders in small IBCs.
Hopper transport trolley and lift frame available from Matcon IBC
28.01.2010 - The Hopper lift frame and transport trolley has been specifically designed to enable simple removal and transportation of the central Hopper portion of a Matcon IBC discharge station.
Tablet discharge stations from Matcon IBC
27.01.2010 - The IBC discharge stations are part of the unique Matcontainer range of equipment designed to discharge Matcon’s cone valve intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).
Lean IBC Mixing a success at Hero baby foods
19.01.2010 - With the help of Matcon IBC and Lean IBC Mixing, Hero Spain have enjoyed rapid growth and increased market share, particularly in the consumer segments of baby food and nutritional specialities.
Lime Powder Handling and Dosing in IBC’s by Matcon
18.01.2010 - Matcon have worked in conjunction with Outotec and Goro to ensure the successful commissioning and installation of the IBC system on site at the Goro Nickel plant in New Caledonia.
Coffee batch manufacturing in IBCs by Matcon
13.01.2010 - In November 2006, Matcon were awarded a contract for the supply of the Materials Handling System for Chek Hup.
Matcon's next Lean Manufacturing in Powder Processing conference
21.12.2009 - Matcon are pleased to announce details of their next Lean Manufacturing in Powder Processing conference.
Matcon - From IBC's to Turnkey Solutions.
17.05.2006 - In addition to their very successful Cone Valve IBC range, Matcon Pacific are pleased to announce that they are now also offering Mixers, Sifters & Mills from a new overseas principle, UK based Kemutec Powder Technologies. Kemutec are a UK industry
Batch blender
13.02.2004 - THE Matcon IBC batch blender allows all non-mixing operations to take place "offline" as the mixing vessel itself (the IBC) can be removed.
Smart drum IBC with cone valve
12.12.2003 - MOVING with industry demand, Matcon has designed a new range of mini IBCs of 150-450 litre capacity, which will be displayed at Bulkex.
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