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Tablet discharge stations from Matcon IBC

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The tablet discharge station, available from Matcon IBC has been specifically developed to operate with Matcon’s Tablet IBC to provide bulk discharge of tablets without damage. IBC discharge stations incorporate a lifting “probe” which engages and locks to the cone valve in the IBC. On demand, this probe lifts gently and slowly, carrying the cone valve upwards into the contents of the IBC and creating an annular gap around its perimeter, through which the tablets flow. The lift height of the probe (and thus the annular gap around the cone valve) is adjustable to suit the flow characteristics of the tablet and the desired discharge rate.

Features of the tablet discharge stations include:

Sealed Operation:

  • A Lip Seal is a feature that is fitted to all tablet discharge stations. This lip seal provides a sealed connection between the outlet of the IBC and the discharge stations during material discharge
  • In addition, an expanding ”Pneumaseal” locks the discharge station probe to the IBC cone valve to deliver an even higher level of dust tight operation before, during and after material transfer
Dosing and Automatic Control:
  • The IBC tablet discharge stations can be controlled in a variety of ways to automatically dose tablets
  • This can be by flood feeding, timers or level sensors in the infeed of the process
  • The IBC discharge stations are designed to be easily and thoroughly cleaned
  • Working components on the tablet discharge stations are fully sealed behind an air-tight flexible cover
  • Cleaning may be done off place by removing the central hopper (material contact surfaces) and washing manually in a suitable location
  • Alternatively, Cleaning In Place (CIP) may be used to automatically wash the material contact surfaces of the tablet discharge stations without hopper removal

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