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Smart Drum IBC from Matcon IBC

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article image Smart Drum IBCs are available in a range of small sizes

The Smart Drum IBC from Matcon IBC is manufactured from stainless steel as standard, and is part of the Matcontainer range of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

The Smart Drum IBC is used for the storage and delivery of materials such as granules and powders and is available in a variety of small sizes, making it perfect for managing small batches.

A cone valve at the outlet of the Smart Drum IBC allows the drum to be discharged in controlled and dust tight style by way of a discharge station. In contrast with conventional drums, the Smart Drum IBC does not need to be inverted to discharge it.

Dust tight connection can be offered during filling by way of manual or automatically operated fill heads that can be attached to the Smart Drum IBC.

A Smart Drum blender can be used to tumble the Smart Drum IBC, providing a quick and efficient means of homoge-nizing the contents. To achieve the best possible blend efficiency, the Smart Drum is tumbled on an asymmetric axis.

The following options are available with the Smart Drum IBC:

  • 150 to 450L/5.3 to 17 cu.ft. capacities
  • Certifiable to DOT 56/UN chapter 16 for transport of hazardous goods
  • Containment filling and discharging
  • IBC movement by pallet or fork truck, chain or roller conveyor, overhead handling or AGV’s
  • Pharmaceutical version

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