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Matcon’s Cone Valve IBC Integrated into New Thailand Seasonings Plant

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article image New Seasonings Plant with Matcon's Cone Valve IBC Technology

Matcon IBC  was contracted by Monexco International to supply a new seasonings plant for their new facility in Thailand.  

Monexco International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monde Nissin of Philippines.  

The new plant was designed to receive various powdered raw materials, formulate the ingredients into a batch and mix in a high speed mixer.  

The mixed product is then taken to the finished packaging hall for packing into sachets to be included in the company’s consumer-ready noodle products.  

The required flexibility of the plant and the need to change formulations regularly were the key reasons for the adoption of Matcon’s cone valve system.  

Matcon’s Vari-stroke technology was employed to formulate major and minor ingredients into intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). An extension of the cone valve systems, Vari-stroke technology enables fast and accurate direct dosing of products from silos or IBCs without any requirement for secondary feeders.  

Key features of the plant equipment based on Matcon’s cone valve system:

  • IBC batch production system
  • Ingredient quantities vary from a few grams to over 100kg
  • Throughput rate of 7 batches per hour, each batch potentially different in formulation to the previous batch
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Equipment designed and manufactured to GMP standards for rapid and thorough clean-down
  • Plant designed for 24-hour continuous operation
  • High production efficiency while meeting health and safety regulations

Matcon’s cone valve IBC technology has been employed at several projects in industries including metal powders, pharmaceuticals, food, toners, chemicals and plastics.

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