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Matcon IBC System Installed at Goro Nickel Plant for Lime Dosing

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Matcon IBC  installed their IBC system consisting of IBCs and discharge stations based on cone valve technology at the Goro Nickel plant in New Caledonia.  

The Goro Nickel facility is one of the largest mining projects in the world with an estimated annual capacity of 60,000T of nickel and up to 5000T of cobalt, representing about 20% of global production.  

Outotec GmbH has commissioned a large sulphuric acid plant at the site, which also includes a sulphur melting and filtration unit as part of the fully integrated nickel and cobalt mining and production facility.  

The plant’s process is based on sulphur, which is shipped in solid form and melted onsite. A critical step in the treatment of solid sulphur prior to melting involves the addition of lime.  

Lime was readily available onsite since the Goro site also operated a limestone plant. The cohesive nature of lime created problems in the transportation and storage of lime as well as the subsequent dosing process in the sulphur melting area.  

The Matcon IBC system, incorporating the IBC and discharge station was identified as a solution for the lime transportation, storage and dosing requirements.  

The Matcon IBC system is based on cone valve technology. The discharge station features a powerful lifting probe that engages and locks into the cone valve of the IBC.  

On demand, the probe and cone assembly rises rapidly to discharge the lime from the IBC into the process through the annular gap created around the IBC perimeter.  

Mass flow of lime is enabled while preventing product bridging or rat-holing. The height of the discharge can be configured to suit the material properties of lime.  

The Goro plant has two lime dosing discharge stations onsite. The discharge stations feature load cells for weighing to enable loss-in-weight batching.  

The operator selects the required batch weight while the PLC weigh controller controls the dosing of the lime into the process to the required weight and discharge rate.  

The Matcon IBC system was designed to deliver an initial discharge rate of 50kg/hour with an accuracy of +/-5%.  

Four 1500L off round cone valve stainless steel IBCs were supplied by Matcon to the Goro plant.

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