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Matcon Cone Valve IBCs Integrated into TETRA’s Automated DE Delivery System

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article image SafeDEflo Automated DE Delivery System

Matcon IBC  has supplied their bulk handling solutions to TETRA for integration with their diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration systems.  

TETRA is a geographically diversified oil and gas services company, providing products and services focused on well completion as well as late-life production enhancement and decommissioning.  

One of TETRA’s core product lines is plate and frame DE filtration systems used to clear brine fluids, chemicals and produced water in completion, stimulation and workover operations.  

TETRA follows a proactive health, safety and environmental (HSE) program across the organisation.  

With this in mind, the company decided to introduce a new automated DE bulk handling system to replace the labour-intensive process of having a worker in multi-layered overalls and gloves haul 50-pound sacks of DE to the filter inlet and empty the contents into the filter. 

Key requirements for the DE bulk handling system included:  

  • Reliable operation under extremely harsh conditions
  • Provide guaranteed discharge of DE material from the IBCs
  • Satisfy strict safety standards set by the oil and gas industry
  • Reduce waste generation and disposal
  • Eliminate discharge of airborne DE material into the environment
  • Reduce probability of back and hand injuries among workers

Matcon IBC supplied their cone valve IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) for integration into TETRA’s DE system to create the SafeDEflo automated DE delivery system.    

The SafeDEflo automated DE delivery system consists of a stackable control unit and six preloaded IBCs, two containing medium and four containing fine particle size filter media. 

Key features of Matcon’s cone valve IBCs  

  • Operates pneumatically to lift and vibrate IBC contents, discharging rapidly and safely without operator intervention
  • Cone valve prevents rat holing, bridging and segregation problems found in conventional systems
  • New technology facilitates quick and safe handling of filtration media by pairing preloaded filter media containers with an automated dispensing system and control panel
  • Each IBC can hold about 1000 pounds of filter media

Safety and environmental advantages of SafeDEflo automated DE delivery systems  

  • Environment-friendly system with no waste generated and very little dust
  • Enhanced safety by eliminating the need for filtration and rig personnel to manually cut, lift and load 50-pound bags of filter media
  • Waste reduction by eliminating the need to dispose off empty sacks, shrink wrap and pallets
  • Accurate dispensing of 2000 pounds of DE material filter media through the pneumatic control panel


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