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Lean food powder processing and Matcon IBC

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In order to survive in the food industry, it is critical to remove waste and reduce costs, without compromising quality.

The food industry faces unique challenges, which can make these goals more difficult to achieve. In particular, there is a demand to make smaller amounts of a wider array of products. In this environment, traditional processing solutions can be inefficient and wasteful. 

Matcon IBC provides systems based around portable containers (IBCs) for batch powder processes, throughout various sectors of the food industry where efficiency and flexibility is required to cope with today’s challenges. Clients implement IBCs to improve quality, minimize lost product yield and reduce labour, as well as maintaining flexibility for future growth and expansion.

The core of what Matcon IBC now offers the food industry is turnkey ‘modules’ for Lean Food Powder Processing. Specifically, they are used for formulation, mixing and packing. All of these modules have key focuses on fast product change over, hygiene, simple installation and operator-friendly controls. The results are higher quality products and better use of manpower.

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