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Intermediate bulk containers for chemical production from Matcon IBC

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article image Intermediate bulk containers are suitable for use with a range of chemical processes

Matcon IBC ’s intermediate bulk containers are well suited for use in the handling, storage and transportation of powders, granules and other materials within the chemical production industry.

Chemical applications for the intermediate bulk containers include use with:

  • adhesives and sealants
  • carbon black
  • explosives
  • fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals
  • paint and pigments
  • toner; and
  • rubber.
Whether clients require a new production facility or an upgrade, Matcon offers a full range of dispensing, formulation and blending systems.

The company draws on extensive knowledge and experience to develop solutions that are appropriate for different processes within the chemical industry, including:

  • dust-free powder handling
  • precenting cross-contamination of ingredients
  • complete emptying of intermediate bulk containers
  • automatic and controlled feed
  • preventing segregation of blended materials
  • gentle handling of delicate materials; and
  • full batch tracking and traceability.

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